Hope Is Your Anchor

So unexpectantly, that dreadful news comes, and shatters all normal
Hope will be your anchor to guide you through
Waves of shock and numbness crash your heart with sorrow
Hope will be your anchor to guide you through
You can’t understand why they had to leave this world before you
Hope will be your anchor to guide you through
As the hurricane of grief’s pain threatens to consume
Hope is your anchor to steady and steer you through
When you’re thrust into grief’s boat, as swirling waves of pain loom
Hope is your anchor and will steady you from drowning in doom
Dear one, you’re not in sorrow’s boat on the sea of pain, all alone
I cry with you in this loss, and I’ve been here all along
I am Jesus, your hope and anchor to lead you through this season
Even when you’ve lost all sense of hope and can’t understand the reasons
I am your hope, and I will hold you as you cry
I am here to anchor you, when you are assaulted with the painful goodbyes
I am your hope to walk out the next tender steps
I am here dear one, never to leave you while you sit in the depths…
My anchor of hope will sustain and pull you through
You will get beyond the crippling grief, as my word is tried and true
I am your anchor of hope that will heal your breaking heart
Dear one, consistently…call on my name and my help won’t depart
Glimmers of a hopeful future will begin to flood your soul
For truly I am your anchor of hope and love alone

By Jean Johnson

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