Project We Love Laura

We Love Laura

by Chris Harder, Zack’s Mom and
Member of the Leadership Team
Sacramento-South Placer County Chapter
Bereaved Parents of the USA
May 26, 2018

It takes a lot of courage to tell someone we have a need.  It also takes a lot of strength for someone who is healthy, strong, capable and selfless, to say that they need help.  They are so used to being there for others that it’s hard for them to say they have to take a break because they have a health issue that will take them out of commission for a while.  This someone is Laura Sullivan.  Laura is an amazing friend and counselor to many individuals, especially those who have experienced a traumatic loss. Now, Laura and her family need help from their friends, you and me.

As a reminder to those who don’t know Laura, she was the speaker at our 2016 Candle Lighting, and she facilitated at our mom’s support group last September. Laura & her husband, Ken, participated in the welcome at our 2017 Candle Lighting, and their son Zac did an amazing job during our 2016 and 2017 Candle Lightings when he performed songs in American Sign Language. Laura’s son, Kyle, died in 2011 of unknown causes.

Laura is facing a very serious brain surgery which is scheduled soon.  Having this surgery means that Laura will need several months to rest and recover. Consequently, she will not be able to work, and she does not qualify for State Disability because she is self employed.  Therefore, her family’s income will be affected.

So now it’s our turn to help Laura and show her how much she means to us!  Donna Woodard will be the main contact person for our group to schedule meals for Laura, Ken & Zac. She will also be a connecting point for other people who are initiating additional avenues for helping Laura and her family.  We will use our newsletters and Facebook to let you know how you can be involved.  Here is Donna’s contact information: Home phone 916.338.3521; Mobile for calls & texting 916.521.7433.  If you call and she doesn’t answer, please leave her a voicemail message with your name and phone number so she can get back to you. 

Here is what Laura posted yesterday (May 25th) on Facebook:

I wanted to take a minute to post something about my health. I’ve been diagnosed with another aneurysm that needs to be treated by being clipped. It would be my desire to reach out to each of you individually; however, that is not possible at this time, so I wanted to let you all know in the most efficient way possible, because you all matter to me.

On June 28th I will be going in for a craniotomy (brain surgery), and will be out of commission for awhile. I will be in the ICU for a few days and the hospital for up to a week (give or take). There will be several weeks of recovery, so I appreciate all of you sending positive thoughts, prayers, and/or support in whatever way you are able to be supportive. I will be working until the end of June, up until the surgery, but working hard to minimize and reduce my current work load.

When I am fully recovered, I plan to return to my Private Practice as I love my clients and work so very much. In the past, when our family, Ken Sullivan and Zach, have gone through trials we have not done a very good job asking for what we needed, so we are going to try to do a better job in asking for support this time around. Please know I will be unable to answer questions, volunteer, respond to text(s), provide support and participate in speaking engagements at this time, this is just a temporary period of time in my life. Thanks