Mother’s Day Madness Day 1

A Day of Mixed Blessings and Mixed Up Emotions!

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Mother’s Day, meant to be a day of honor and happiness, is a day of sadness for many.  For those who have lost a child, it’s a day of mixed blessings and mixed up emotions!

When given the opportunity to share about the day their child was born, I haven’t met many women who hesitate to delve into every detail… and their eyes sparkle as they reminisce about that day!  But a day that once brought tears of joy now brings tears of sadness for those whose child has died.

As long as our child is with us, Mother’s Day is a celebration of their birth just as much as their birthday.  But when they are no longer here to give us hugs, share a special Mother’s Day meal, or remember us with cards, flowers, or a phone call, it’s a huge conflict, isn’t it?  Why? Because our child’s death was an abrupt end to the purpose for our celebration.

For those whose only child has died, the sole purpose for their celebration has vanished.  For those blessed with several children, often the absence of one overshadows the joyful presence of the others.

So, how do we deal with Mother’s Day after our child has died?  During the remaining seven days leading up to Mother’s Day, we’ll be sharing some Mother’s Day insights for bereaved moms.  Nobody is ever prepared for the chaos and upheaval that the death of a child brings.  We soon find out that this journey is difficult to travel alone.   But the magic comes when we find someone who we feel safe with because they understand what we are going through and can help us figure out what grief is all about.

I’d like to leave you with one simple thought for today.  “Your heartache is someone else’s hope.  If you make it through, you will be the inspiration for someone else to make it as well.” (Kim McManus)  We can make it together!

Chris Harder


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