Book Reviews by Jean

Jean Johnson PhotoJean Johnson’s grief journey began in October 2006 when her daughter was murdered.  Jean knows the value of self-help through reading and wants to encourage others to read as well.  When she finds a book that she believes will help others, she writes a review to encourage them to seek it out and invest their time in reading as a means of healing after loss.

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Barenberg Scalzitti & Cain - 10 Steps for Parenting Your Grieving Child Hopkinson - A Butterfly's JourneyBuckley - Gratitude in Grief Farley - Grieving DadsMcCracken & Semel - A Broken Heart Still Beats  Dunn & Leonard - Through a Season of Grief      Wolfelt - Healing a Child's Grieving Heart Carmody - Letters to My SonLevang - When Men Grieve - Why Men Grieve Differently & How You Can Help